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A little trip to the dentist

Reducing sugar with a little trip to the dentist

Your children could be consuming more sugar than you realise, putting them at risk of tooth decay, weight gain and even type 2 diabetes. Simply taking a little trip to the dentist can help you better understand what food and drink contains sugar, what alternatives are out there and how to develop and maintain the best possible oral health routines.

Across the country, children are having up to three times the recommended amount of sugar every day with many 10 year olds having already exceeded the maximum suggested amount for 18 year olds.

Only 20% of two year olds have been to the dentist and tooth extraction is one of the leading causes of hospital admission in five to 10 year olds, so it’s absolutely vital that children have check-ups regularly and from an early age – even before teeth come through.

A baby doesn’t need to teeth to have an appointment and the dentist doesn’t even have to look in their mouth. Simply going and getting the chance to experience the sights, sounds and smells of a practice is invaluable in making later check-ups more comfortable.

There’s also a host of useful tips you can get from your dentist about what food/drink is better for your baby’s teeth and what to avoid.

Children are seen for free at NHS dentists, as are new mums up to a year after birth. You can find your nearest dentist here.