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Getting babies moving 0 – 1 year

Babies need to be physically active from birth – moving, stretching, kicking, looking, grabbing, wriggling and wiggling.

Top tips for getting babies moving

Tummy time

Tummy Time is the period during the day your baby spends awake and on their stomach. It is a crucial exercise for baby’s motor, visual, and sensory development. Baby can begin Tummy Time as a newborn. They can continue to do Tummy Time throughout their first year

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Babies don’t need fancy toys, they just need things to help them reach and grasp, pull and push. Hold an object in front of them and let them follow it with their eyes. They’ll try and chase a ball if you roll it away from them. Eventually they’ll learn how to roll the ball, just like you

Limit time in pushchairs, rockers and car seats

Babies need to develop head and trunk control and shouldn’t be in their car seats, buggies, rockers etc. for any prolonged length of time – take them out and let them move. They love to kick, stretch and wriggle!


Play is the most important activity babies and children under 5 years. It’s how they learn about themselves, the world around them and their place in it. Give your baby time to play, show them how to play and support them in play. Get down on your baby’s level, this helps you to engage with them. Involve their senses in play; smell, touch, taste, sight and listening.

Encourage crawling

When your baby is on their tummy, put their favourite object in front of them to encourage them to move. Don’t worry if they don’t crawl, some babies can go straight from shuffling to standing up.

Bath time

Water is important to babies. Bath time is an opportunity to play with your baby and have lots of fun, kicking splashing and making noises. You don’t need specific bath toys to have fun use plastic cups and bottles.

Eye stimulation

Encouraging your baby to look at things in lots of directions will help strengthen their eye muscles. Bubbles are a great way to get babies to move their eyes.

Move together

Babies love music and movement. Hold your baby and move around the living room to music or lie down and balance me on you so we can move together.


Babies like to explore and experiment, by themselves and with your help. Let your baby try and pull themselves up or find things that they can reach out to and grab. When they’re ready, they’ll start to cruise around holding your hands and eventually take their first few steps.

Rolling around

Rolling helps babies to develop their balance and strength. Help your baby to roll from the hip and from front to back and back to front.

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