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Funeral costs

Advice about funeral costs

Help with funeral costs is available in certain situations. This is known as a Funeral Expenses Payment or a Funeral Payment. It is available to those who get certain benefits

Any Funeral Expenses Payment made is then deducted from any money you may receive for the deceased’s estate.

You can check to see if the benefit you are receiving means you may be eligible for a Funeral Expenses Payment

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  • The Children’s Funeral Fund for England gives information to support a child’s funeral.
  • Some trade unions offer financial support and/or general guidance that may help you with arranging and paying for a meaningful funeral.
  • The Money Advice Service, which offers free support with money management, recognises that paying for a funeral is expensive and outlines options on how to pay for a funeral.
  • A number of providers now offer Direct Cremations.
  • In situations where the money available in the estate is insufficient to pay for the funeral and if there are no family or friends to arrange the funeral, the local council can make provision for a Public Health Funeral.