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Dudley Carers Wellbeing Service is offered by Crossroads Care for Carers.


Later Life Planning can help carers to consider their personal wishes and life aspirations and how they can be best achieved.  It covers issues such as returning to work, financial arrangements, what happens should they develop an illness and need care themselves etc.

The videos below will give an overview of the process and emphasise the impact the Later Life Planning process has on the individual by making them the focus for planning as opposed to the more traditional needs of the cared for person.  It also helps them to look and plan what they feel is best for them by giving them time and peace of mind for when they get older, knowing that perhaps some of the more difficult decisions and choices they have to make have already been taken in advance and at a time when they feel they have more control over their own lives.

Information video

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For further details

Please contact Dudley Council Carers Hub 01384 818723 or email dudleycarershub@dudley.gov.uk or please contact Dudley Carers Wellbeing Service