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Living Well, Feeling Safe

Introduction to Living Well Feeling Safe

Living Well Feeling Safe service works to support vulnerable and older people to stay safe, healthy, well and independent in their homes.

Online assessment tool

Make life easier in three simple steps with Living Well Feeling Safe online assessment tool.


The following Living Well Feeling Safe online assessment tool video showcase:

  • The new and improved website tool, which is simple to use, quick and responsive
  • How to find gadgets, products and helpful services quickly and easily which will help around the home and out and about to suit a whole host of physical and mental needs
  • The ability to search multiple areas of need
  • Information for older people as well as vulnerable children and adults, with a range of needs
  • Advice from professional Occupational Therapists
  • Local free services including council services
  • Access to home visits and complementary support where needed

Information video

To switch on subtitles/closed captions, please click on the icon in the video link.

For further details

Please contact 01384 817743 or email livewellfeelsafe@dudley.gov.uk.  Alternatively use the online assessment tool.