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Managing stress and anxiety

Managing stress, anxiety and difficult emotions (e.g. anger, frustration, fear)

These symptoms are common, usually only lasting until the situation causing them, lasts. If symptoms are not addressed or left for a long time, they can make other symptoms more difficult to manage.

Identify the causes / problem solve

Identify the causes of your stress, anxiety or difficult emotions. Problem solve to find solutions or ask for solutions from others

Other useful tips:

  • Take regular physical activity
  • Manage pain and fatigue
  • Establish regular sleep patterns
  • Distract yourself to ‘park’ those symptoms. Such as gardening, reading a book, listening to music
  • Talk and share with others
  • Relaxation
  • Get help online with a range of information and resources, visit
  • MIND 
  • Mental Health Foundation

If you feel you are unable to cope with your emotions please consult your doctor for further help and advice.


The Road to Wellbeing booklet and CD is a tool for managing the stress of everyday life. To get your free copy, please contact:

The Healthy Ageing team on 01384 816437 or email RoadtoRelaxation@dudley.gov.uk