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Managing your health and wellbeing

When you have a long-term health condition it is important you stay well. So you can continue doing the things you love and continue with every day tasks.

Managing your long-term health condition can be a real challenge. This can lead to common everyday situations becoming overwhelming. Some symptoms can become more difficult to manage such as:

  • poor sleep
  • pain
  • fatigue
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • difficult emotions
  • depression
  • shortness of breath

You can help yourself to stay well and cope better by working through some of the self-care tips on this website.


The Road to Wellbeing – a tool for managing the stress of everyday life, is a free audio CD available from Dudley Council, (contains relaxation methods and a breathing technique). To obtain a copy of the CD please contact The Healthy Ageing team on 01384 816437 or email on roadtorelaxation@dudley.gov.uk