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Ideas to stay occupied whilst at home

Staying occupied

Here are some ideas and activities that you could get involved in:
  • Speak to friends and family over the phone, letters, email or face-to-face via range of online apps.
  • Set yourself a daily goal so you feel like you have achieved something. At the end of the day think about a good thing that has happened that day
  • Keep a daily schedule of who to contact so you can speak to a different person each day
  • Do things that you enjoy:

    • reading
    • cooking
    • indoor hobbies
    • watching your favourite TV show
    • listening to the radio
    • DIY
  • Spend time doing things you have been putting off:
    • paperwork
    • have a spring clean (household and electronic!)
    • learn a new skill


Be Active:

Old lady doing a puzzle

Local Options:


  • Podcasts offer a wide range of subjects for you to listen to and enjoy
  • Digital skills – we have become more reliant on technology and online services . Help is at hand if you need help.  You may need support in:
    •  confidence in using the internet
    • emails
    • online shopping
    • healthcare appointments
    • staying connected with family and friends
    • banking
Get linked up with a local digital buddy. Contact Just Straight Talk on 01902 256744 or email jim2022.jst@gmail.com