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What is Digi-Dudley?

Run by Just Straight Talk, Digi-Dudley provides accessible, inclusive and free support to older people in the Dudley borough that increases confidence, connections and learning in relation to technology.

Digi Dudley came out on the COVID-19 pandemic with the move towards online activities increasing even more rapidly. Ordering food and medication to the house, engaging in social media to maintain social connections, having video meetings with professionals for support with mental health, using technology for entertainment to help with relaxation and accessing portals for practical resources such as utility companies and local services are just some of the important lessons that older people can learn through Digi Dudley.

The aim is to reduce isolation and increase accessibility as much as possible, and have groups and drop-in sessions to support people with this across the Dudley Borough. Digi Dudley can also provide 1-to-1 sessions in people’s own homes, as long as the participant is over the age of 65 and lives in the Dudley borough.

Date and time of sessionsPlease contact Jim to find out where the sessions are
Contact detailsContact Jim on 07726 175532 or 01902 256744 for Just Straight Talk
Digi Dudley website
Referral neededNo
Booking requiredYes please contact Jim