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Plans we can make for bereavement

Things we could all put in place to make it easier for our loved ones when we die

Death is not an easy topic to discuss. The thought of our own mortality is difficult to face. The death of someone we love can be hard to bear, and support services are there. Every bereavement is unique, and every bereavement matters.

Making future plans, planning ahead, can help us to concentrate on supporting each other and to help deal with the situation, rather than having to think about practicalities and make important decisions after loved ones have died.  Putting things in place can help us to explore our options and find out exactly what is possible.  This can help us to make informed choices.

It can be distressing for those of us left behind if our loved ones do not leave any last wishes or final requests. Below are suggestions of what to consider before we die, making future decisions easier for our loved ones.

Have you considered making a will?

A will lets you decide what happens to your money, property and possessions.


Did you know that funerals don’t have to be traditional?

The ‘My Funeral Wishes’ form from Dying Matters and the National Association of Funeral Directors allows you to record and share your funeral wishes. It may also help you to think about what your wishes would be.


Would loved ones know how to access bank account details?

Do they know what income you have and what outgoing bills need to be paid? Personal bank accounts are frozen when the bank has been notified of a death. This means that standing orders or direct debits being paid from the account will be stopped. This could leave loved ones without access to any money


We need to consider digital photographs, videos and social media accounts.

These can become treasured memories and possessions for the people that are left behind. Favourite photographs, family holidays, special places or meaningful text and email messages that you treasure could be lost.

The Digital Legacy Association gives you advice and support around these areas. They also have a social media will template.

The video shows that by doing some of these simple actions we make things slightly easier for our loved ones which also helps us to be in a good place.

Later Life Planning

A Later Life Planning resource has been developed to help people plan for later life.  Use this resource to help you look at a number of areas including bereavement.