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Action Heart Supervised Referral for high risk people

Action Heart Exercise Referral for high risk people

What is it?

Activities will be exclusively gym based. A 12 week supervised programme of exercise, designed specifically for the client by a trained exercise instructor, taking the clients medical history into consideration.

Action Heart undertake any additional screening before exercise.

3 kettlebells


Action Heart Centre,
South Block,
Russells Hall Hospital,


Free of charge for up to 3 sessions per week for 12 weeks

Clients will also be directed to suitable independent activity

Car parking: Action Heart have access in a nearby car park which costs 50p per visit

What happens after the 12 weeks

Patients have the choice of activity and destinations. Action Heart can sign post them to lower risk supporting destinations, self directed activity or access Action Heart Health Club.

Action Heart Health Club has two membership options:

  • £3 pay as you go
  • £22 per month with no contract. There is no limit to the number visits which can be made

How can I refer someone?

You can complete the referral using EMIS or complete Exercise Referral form A. Ensure you check the box for Action Heart and send to Action Heart via:
Email: action.heart@nhs.net
Post: Action Heart Centre,
South Block,
Russells Hall Hospital,
Alternatively make referral by telephone: 01384 456111 ext.1470

Click here for referral form to Action Heart.

Additional considerations

Patients referred from Secondary Care

Patients with conditions such as those listed below once the condition has been successfully treated may be directly referred via a consultant/ secondary care professional into Action Heart.
• Unstable angina
• A resting systolic blood pressure more than 180mmHg or a resting diastolic blood pressure more than 100mmHg
• A significant drop in blood pressure during exercise
• Unstable or acute heart failure
• Febrile illness – until the patient’s fever subsides