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Bereavement in the Community

Community Grief Support

Bereavement can be totally devastating and the strong emotions may come with grief.  It can seem overwhelming. Grief is a normal human response to the loss of a loved one. Talking and spending time with family and friends who care for us, can help us manage our feelings of sadness and grief. We can all help each other too, perhaps by listening to a friend or work colleague who has been bereaved. Perhaps by offering practical help.

Sue Ryder has suggestions how we can support someone who has been bereaved.

Bereavement support groups

Bereavement Group (TLC) through Chawn Hill Church provides support, comfort and hope to those facing bereavement.

Omega – Omega is an end-of-life charity working to raise standards in end-of-life care by supporting caregivers looking after someone with a terminal illness, people who are themselves end-of-life, and those who have been bereaved. They prioritise those aged over 75 and still caring or bereaved.

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Dementia and learning disabilities

Grieving while living with dementia information

If you have a learning disability or care for someone with a learning disability there are resources that can help to support understanding of bereavement and care for wellbeing.

For more specialist support speak to your community nurse or ask your GP if a referral to Community Learning Disability Specialist Health Services at The Ridge Hill Centre would be beneficial.