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Bereavement Charter

Dudley Bereavement Charter

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“This Bereavement Charter has been developed by individual Dudley residents from a wide range of community groups and organisations, with widespread consultation on content. The Bereavement Charter is for everyone who lives or works in Dudley borough. We know that death is a natural part of human life and bereavement will affect each of us at some stage, yet we often don’t feel comfortable talking about it. Using the charter can help us to become more confident to talk more openly about death, dying and bereavement. This will be a help to those who are approaching the end of their life and a comfort to those who are bereaved. We hope that by becoming comfortable to talk and confident to support others with kindness and compassion in times of difficulty that Dudley will become an even more kind and caring community.”

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Easy read charter

Easy read Dudley bereavement charter

Dudley Bereavement Charter

Dudley bereavement charter poster