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Alcohol: cutting down

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You can still enjoy a drink without stopping altogether. Plus there are lots of benefits mentally, physically, socially and financially, to cutting down.


  • Make it a smaller one

You can still enjoy a drink, but have a smaller one – swap a pint for a bottle of beer or a large glass of wine for a small one. Or why not order a spritzer or shandy instead.


  • Have a lower-strength drink

Swap strong beers or wines for lower–strength ones


  • Alternate with soft drinks

Sipping a soft drink or water between alcoholic drinks will help reduce the amount of alcohol you drink and help you stay hydrated.


  • Avoid rounds

Buying your own drinks means you don’t have to keep up with fastest drinker in the group – plus you’ll save money too!


  • Track the amount you’re drinking

There are some great tools to help you drink less. Download the Drink Free Days app to get reminders, support and practical advice to change your drinking habits for good.


  • Make a plan and set a budget

Before you start drinking, set a limit on how much you’re going to drink and only take out a fixed amount of money to spend on alcohol.