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Sit to Stand Challenge

Let’s Get Moving – Sit to Stand Challenge

Are you up for the challenge of moving more?

Are you looking to set yourself a challenging but achievable goal?

Why not climb one of the borough’s hills from the comfort of your own home?

Sit to stand is a great activity that everyone can have a go at.  Every time you stand up from a chair and sit back down again you are working the important muscles in your legs that keep you steady on your feet.  Making sit to stand part of your daily activity will make it easier for you to climb the stairs, enjoy a walk and help you maintain your independence and mobility.

The challenge

Select the Dudley hill you’d like to climb, you can see how many sit to stands you will need to complete to reach the top of each hill below.

Try to complete as many sit to stands as you can each day, it’s important to try and complete more than one each time.  Aim to do 10 sit to stands every day, you can break this down into two sets of five to start with.  You will quickly see an improvement and may be able to complete all ten in one go as you progress.

Each sit to stand you do will get you closer to the top of your chosen hill. You can record and track your progress using this printable chart and before you know it you will have reached the top. Can you climb all three of the Dudley Peaks?

You can learn more about each hill, download and print your climbing record below.

Here’s an example of a sit to stand produced by Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

Wychbury Hill

              310 sit to stands

Beacon Hill

       220 sit to stands

Castle Hill

      280 sit to stands

View of monument Wychbury Hill
View of Beacon Hill
Dudley Castle

How the sit to stand challenge works

In some cases the height of the hill may be different to the number of sit to stands you complete, this is due to the height of the hill being measured from sea level but the height you climb has been taken from the base of the hill.

The number of sit to stands that you complete for the distance climbed has been devised by the Falls Lead Physiotherapist. By taking the effort it takes to climb stairs (physiological cost) and converting it to the effort it takes to complete a sit to stand they have worked out how many sit to stands need to be completed to climb each hill.


Visit our Let’s Get Moving surveys page. There are two short surveys to complete, before you start a challenge fill in the ‘starting line’ survey, then after six weeks complete the ‘follow up’ survey and let us know how you got on. The surveys are short and will only take a couple of minutes of your time.

Always work at your own pace and do what feels comfortable. If you are unsure if these exercises are suitable, check with a healthcare professional first.