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Let’s Get Moving – Easy wins

Easy Wins


30 minutes each day – You’re probably doing more than you realise. Here are some easy ways to move more each day.

let's get moving two people gardening
    • Housework. Vacuuming, dusting and mopping all count towards your active minutes.


    • Gardening. Pulling weeds and pushing the lawnmower will go towards your total active minutes.


    • Washing up. Could you do some heel raises while you’re standing by the sink?


    • Laundry. Squatting to fill and empty the machine and stretching up to hang clothes on the line? You’re more active than you thought!


    • Stairs. If you have stairs where you live, give yourself a reason to go upstairs a few times each day – maybe use the upstairs bathroom, or leave your glasses by the bed.


    • Cup of tea. While you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, put the radio on and have a dance.


    • Cleaning windows. Using both arms, reaching up high and making circular movements are great ways to stretch your upper body and uses many different muscles.


    • Shopping. Carrying shopping bags helps to keep muscles, joints and bones strong.


    • Walking. Strolling to the park, round the block, or to the end of the garden and back all count towards your active minutes.


let's get moving two people dancing

Activity conversion chart

It may help you to consider how much energy is used for housework compared to walking.

This chart estimates how they compare.

Activity conversion chart
Activity Time spent to equal 1 mile, or 2,000 steps
Hoovering 20 minutes
Dusting and polishing 30 minutes
Washing car 20 minutes
Gardening (planting and potting) 40 minutes
Mowing the lawn 20 minutes
Raking lawn and leaves 20 minutes
Cleaning and mopping floors 30 minutes
Ironing (standing) 40 minutes
Washing dishes and plates (standing) 30 minutes
Grocery shopping 20 minutes
Painting and decorating 30 minutes
Litter picking 10 minutes
Sweeping 20 minutes
Cleaning windows 30 minutes

Finally, remember when you set yourself a goal or challenge it must be achievable, convenient and most importantly enjoyable