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Ideas to help you be more active

Ideas to help you help you be more active

Remember being more active doesn’t just mean doing exercise. We want to do things which move our muscles more than when they are resting. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Move more with family – If you have children try active play with them. This will help you to move more energetically. It is also a convenient and enjoyable way of spending time with your family and being active. Change4Life has some exciting ideas for all the family.

a boy playing leaves

Home activity – You might be a person who likes the idea of doing an exercise class but doesn’t like the idea of doing things in a group.  There are loads of great online home workout classes. For trusted activity classes try Sport England’s Stay in Workout ideas or the NHS fitness studio.

Walking – Do you like nature, architecture, local history or just enjoy the outdoors? Do you have a dog? These are all great reasons to get out more and try walking. Our borough has some fantastic places to see and walking routes to help guide you around. Once you are comfortable with your walks try making them a little bit harder. You can do this by picking routes with more hills or steps to climb or quite simply go for longer or walk faster. These links will help you to plan your routes or find exciting places to visit.

Borough Trail maps

Walking routes across Dudley Borough

Dudley’s Nature Reserves

Dudley’s Parks

Cycling and mountain biking – Our borough and the surrounding areas have very diverse opportunities to try out different types of cycling. We have wide open spaces suitable for beginners, trails for leisurely rides, skate parks for BMX’s and some mountain biking trails. The borough also has some cycling clubs.

Canal towpaths can be very narrow and could be challenging for beginners so try to start off on open flat land.

British Cycling offers advice for people new to biking.

Sustrans gives you information on the national cycle network, they also have maps showing walking routes which share some of the cycle network.

British Cycling has online tutorials helping you to master some mountain biking skills.

Advice for choosing a suitable helmet .

Active travel can include cycling or mountain biking. It is a convenient and affordable way of moving about. Dudley Council has some support for cyclists.

Hawbush Community Gardens

Gardening – Tiring tasks associated with gardening are good for your physical health. Things like digging, chopping and mowing the lawn are great ways to help you maintain or increase your strength. These links could help you find inspiration, learn new skills or even find a garden for yourself.

Beginners guide to gardening

Get into gardening

Jasmine Road Community Gardens

Hawbush Community Gardens

Allotments in Dudley

Support and guidance for people with disabilities to take part in activity

Activity Alliance try to help people with any disability be active or get into sport. They can help you to find an inclusive gym or leisure centre and also offers home exercise advice.

We are Undefeatable is a campaign to help and encourage people with long term conditions to get active.

Activities for people with learning disabilities

Sense has some fabulous resources for people with learning disabilities and or complex needs. Their home activity resources are fun and keep everyone moving. Sign up to their weekly newsletter to receive the latest ideas.

Dudley Olympics has swimming, athletics and football opportunities across the borough.

Support for people with sensory disabilities

British Blind Sport supports people who are blind or people who have sight loss to get into sport.

Beacon Centre has local opportunities for people who are blind or people who have sight loss to be active.

UK Deaf Sport has resources for home exercise as well as support to assist progression through sport.

In need of extra support? – The Let’s Get Healthy Dudley Team can support you to make changes to your health and wellbeing, including motivational support to help you get more active and work towards your goals. Various FREE support is available including one to one telephone support, online courses and more. Get in touch with the team on 01384 732402 to find out more.


There are lots of resources to help you take up a new activity. The links below will help you get started slowly and build you up gradually. They give you realistic goals which will help you stay motivated.

Couch to 5k is a running plan for complete beginners. It’s a realistic target and it starts you off gently. Download the podcast and try it out for yourself.

NHS 10 minute workouts are simple, short and free home beginner exercises.

Activity trackers can help you to see how intense the activity you are doing is and lets you know how much movement you do every day.